Gallery of Designs
85 Sq. Ft.
Elegant Storage
This little building doesn't need much explanation. Since any home can use more storage space, this picturesque shed helps get the clutter out of the way. Use it as a potting shed, a remote hide-a-way...
Floors 1   Bedrooms 0   Baths 0   Half Baths 0   Width 10'-8   Depth 8'-0   Height 12'-9  
242 Sq. Ft.
Rustic Lodging
Imagine an intimate space, beautiflly furnished and outfitted with all of your favorite things where you can go to read, work, putter, sketch, drink tea with friends, or just "hang out".
Floors 1   Bedrooms 0   Baths 1   Half Baths 0   Width 12'-0   Depth 28'-2   Height 18'-1  
322 Sq. Ft.
Rustic Hideout
For the child in us, there is probably nothing more appealing than the idea of a secret hideout remote from the busy lifestyle we all seem to have these days, and this rustic little cabin can fulfill that indulgence. But there are other possibilites,
Floors 1   Bedrooms 0   Baths 1   Half Baths 0   Width 18'-0   Depth 20'-2   Height 17'-8  
462 Sq. Ft.
Three Cars, a Shop & More!
This multipurpose structure is useful on many levels. As a three car garage, or two car garage and storage space. The first floor shop with a half bath has a very handy second floor space that could be used for storage, office, or TV room. Create a m
Floors 2   Bedrooms 0   Baths 0   Half Baths 1   Width 26' 8   Depth 40' 0   Height 20' 6