Company Profile

My career began in 1958 working for the legendary designer and developer Donald J. Scholz, whose company, Scholz Homes, Inc. gave me a national presence as one of the designers of their extensive collection of Luxury Homes. In 1970, the firm was sold to the Inland Steel Urban Development Corporation and I was promoted to supervisor of design & development of all new product. In March of 1983 Inland Steel closed the doors of Scholz Homes, Inc., and after a brief stint as a staff artist for a local architectural rendering firm, I founded The Housing Associates, Residential Marketing Consultants, Inc. in 1987.

Since then I have designed many custom structures & homes that are in this series or were inspired by those endeavors. My houses can also be found internationally; Japan (125 houses), Macedonia, Poland, Thailand, just to name a few. Designing homes for other cultures gives me an interesting perspective to the needs of clients that require custom designs. You learn to listen very carefully!